The new year brings millions of resolutions, publicly scrawled on Facebook; scribbled on post-its, to be laid at the feet of our altars, lit match to paper, sending thin, corkscrew smoke as some secret call to the universe; or perhaps squirreled away in the depths of our own minds, hidden like a secret lust.

This is the time of renewal and intention.

So today on this new, fresh day of beginnings and endings, I resolve to take advice from those with whom I share space. They’ve taught me that despite the brokenness of this world, it is still tragically beautiful; that living life in the moment is paramount, because this moment is really all we have; to eat the good stuff first (or perhaps, eat ONLY the good stuff); that toys are meant for playing; to recklessly create and share, because that’s what your art is for (and art comes in many forms); that we are perfect in our imperfection; and to be loudly opinionated, but listen for others. From this council of nine, I’ve learned that despite our differences, we are a flock and every member matters. When one of us departs, whether for an hour or an eternity, that individual is missed and mourned. We are all part of a greater whole, and together we flourish.

Thank you for being part of The Laughing Parrots flock and journeying with us through this wild and ravishing world.

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